Capt Amarinder Singh: Former Chief Minister of Punjab and Punjab Lok Congress Party leader Capt Amarinder Singh has covered himself with BJP scarf. He also merged the Punjab Lok Congress Party he founded into the BJP.

Former Chief Minister of Punjab and Chief of Punjab Lok Congress Party Captain Amarinder Singh has joined BJP. The Punjab Lok Congress Party he founded was merged with the BJP. Punjab BJP President Ashwini Sharma along with Union Ministers Narendra Singh Tomar and Kiran Rijiju participated in this program held in Delhi. Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, who covered Amarinder with a scarf, welcomed him into the BJP. In the same program, former Congress leader and former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Ajaib Singh Bhatti joined the Kamalam party. But for many days there are speculations that Amarinder Singh is merging his party with BJP.

Amarinder Singh said that wife Praneet Kaur is still a Congress member. “There is no need for the wife to follow whatever the husband does,” replied Mr. Singh, 81, when asked if his wife was joining the BJP. Praneet Kaur served as Junior External Affairs Minister in the Manmohan Singh government between 2009-2014.

With the addition of Amarinder Singh, the BJP, which has been active in state politics for more than five decades, now has no prominent Sikh leader. Captain Amarinder Singh’s image as a nationalist secular Sikh leader will make the BJP strong in Punjab. Hindus also like him. So only time will tell how strong support translates into a vote. But political analysts predict that its impact will be in Punjab.

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