Indian Railways has made it mandatory to fill in the destination address on the IRCTC website and app while booking train tickets due to the Corona virus pandemic. But..

If you are booking tickets from IRCTC website, app.. this news is for you. Because.. while booking tickets.. you need to fill your destination address. But now you don’t need to fill. Because Indian Railway has released its new guidelines. In its new guidelines, the Railways has said that it is no longer necessary to fill in the address of the destination while booking the tickets. This will give relief to those who book tickets. Because while filling the address while booking the ticket it takes more time to book the ticket. Due to this, some people are not able to confirm the seat on the scheduled time. Now people can easily book tickets. This will also save booking time for passengers.

Due to corona virus epidemic.. filling the destination address on IRCTC website and app while booking train tickets is wrong. Could not book without filling the ticket. Due to this, the passengers also suffered a lot. But now passengers will get relief.

Address filling due to corona..

Recording the address details of those with COVID during the pandemic has helped the government greatly. When Corona started.. the government took many decisions to stop it. And then the railways also imposed many restrictions. This is also one of them. Railways shut down trains for a few days. After this, even though the trains have resumed.. many regulations are in place. Similarly, recently Railways has once again started returning the pillow-blanket. Now pillows and blankets are provided in various trains for passengers to sleep at night.

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