If any crime is committed, the accused also plan how to get away from it. But the police also go ahead with plans beyond that to catch the accused. Stopping them if they are caught.

Delhi Police: If any crime is committed, the accused also plan how to escape from it. But the police also go ahead with plans beyond that to catch the accused. It is nobody’s business to stop them if they are caught. However, in this modern age of technology, it has become easier to catch criminals. Police are also making extensive use of technology. But 25 years ago there was not as much technology as it is now. Taking this as an addition, the accused in a murder case escaped with a master plan and peacefully settled down with his family. However, the police tried hard to persist. They caught the accused after 25 years in disguise. Even after 25 years, even though there was no evidence, the police used their intelligence to arrest the accused. Police have arrested a 25-year-old accused in a murder case. Despite the lack of photographs, eyewitnesses, and evidence of the accused, the Delhi Police cracked the case by carrying out an undercover operation and pulling a coup. By then his wife was pregnant. The Patiala House Court, which took up the investigation of this case, declared Ramu, who is a suspect, as an untraceable person. As a result, the case fell into obscurity for more than two decades. However, the Delhi Police caught the accused after changing disguises.

As an insurance agent: The case was handed over in 2021 to a Delhi Police team trained in solving old cases. In the absence of photographs, eyewitnesses and any evidence related to the accused, solving this case has become a challenge. In this order, they impersonated insurance agents as part of an undercover operation. Ramu’s relative was found in Uttamnagar, Delhi, saying that he was helping the relatives of those who had died in the past. With his help, they reached Khanpur village of Farrukhabad district in Uttar Pradesh and met some other relatives there. In this process, Ramu’s son Akash’s phone number was obtained. His Facebook account was traced and with the help of it he was found to be staying in Kapurthala, Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

With another new outfit: They met Akash in Kapurthala and inquired about his father. It was discovered that he had already changed his name to Ramu.. Ashok Yadav. However, he said that he has not met his father for many days and he only knows that he is currently driving an auto in Janakipuram area of ​​Lucknow. The police have found a key clue in the case which has been going on for a year. This time, the police changed into a new disguise as they thought that the accused might run away if they came to know that they were looking for him. Claiming to be the representatives of the auto company, they met many drivers in Janakipuram that they are giving subsidies for the purchase of new autos as part of the central government scheme. In this order, on September 14, a driver took the undercover police to Ashok Yadav (Ramu) who was living at the local railway station.

Finally: Finally the police caught the accused and basically confirmed that he is the accused. During the investigation, he said that he was not Rama and that he did not live in Delhi. But the police summoned Kishanlal’s wife and Ramu’s relatives staying in Farrukhabad. They all recognized him on arrival. The accused finally accepted the truth. He confessed to killing Kishanlal for chit fund money. After that he lived secretly in those areas and finally settled in Lucknow. In this order he said that he got Aadhaar and other identity documents in the name of Ashok Yadav. Even though he used his intelligence to escape from the crime of murder, he was arrested after 25 years before the intelligence of the police.

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