The laborers who were doing the construction work were very happy when they found the ancient coins. But their happiness did not last long.

hidden treasure: The laborers digging in a construction site found about 50 ancient coins. They were happy with this. They were happy that they had luck. But that happiness did not last long. When this matter came to light, the officials who received the information immediately reached the spot and seized the found coins. This incident came to light in the village of Jamwa Ramgarh, which is 30 kilometers away from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. However, the details of what metal these coins were made of…?…which kingdom they belonged to…when they were minted are not known. “We received information from the villagers on Thursday about the recovery of old coins. We immediately took them into custody and informed the State Archeology Department. Jaipur authorities will come and examine these coins. Until then we will keep them safe in the treasury.” said local Tehsildar Rakesh Meena. This is not the first time that ancient currency has been found in the village. Earlier this year, 82 coins were found hidden in a clay pot by workers doing job security work. (Source)

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