The police caught illegal smuggling of ganja in Mainpuri in the early hours of Sunday morning. An investigation has been launched into other persons involved in the racket.

Viral: Gas cylinder on the bike.

Ganja Smuggling (representative image)

Ram Naramaneni

Ram Naramaneni |

Sep 18, 2022 | 4:25 PM

Ganja: Drug peddlers in Uttar Pradesh have found a new way to smuggle ganja. On Sunday, the police arrested two accused who were hiding ganja in an LPG cylinder and transporting it illegally. One of the nabbed smugglers is a resident of Agra and the other is from Farrukhabad. On Sunday morning, two youths were riding a bike with LPG cylinders through Bichwan area under Mainpuri. When the police checked with suspicion, the two youths were mistaken for khakis. As their words were different… When the police examined the gas cylinder.. its weight was more than normal. This made the police more suspicious. When the two youths were interrogated, they admitted to filling the cylinder with ganja. The accused have been identified as Lakhan and Shivam. Police believe a big racket is behind the nabbed smugglers. More ganja is likely to be seized from them. The police are investigating from the point of view of where they brought the ganja from. (Source)

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