Same day but three names.. Each one has a different opinion.. In the end everyone’s goal is the same political mileage.. This is the debate going on in Telangana politics today, the seat of power in the next assembly elections..

Telangana: Unity on one side.. Liberation on the other.. Independence celebrations in the middle.. Who gets the mileage in competitive celebrations..?

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Telangana: The day is the same but the names are three.. each one has a different opinion.. in the end everyone’s goal is the same political mileage.. This is the debate going on in Telangana politics today, the ruling TRS, after the formation of Telangana, aims to win the seat of power and hit a hat-trick in the next assembly elections.. for the first time. Both Congress and BJP are trying their best to gain power. These three major parties are moving forward with their own activities to take advantage of every opportunity that comes for this. Whose plans are there to impress people and turn them towards them. September 17.. If the country got independence on August 15, Telangana was freed from the rule of Rajakars on September 17. That was the day when Hyderabad State came together in India. Today’s generation may not know much about the Telangana armed struggle, but the future generation remembers the hardships they experienced about the tyrannical rule of the Nizam Nawab, the actions of the Razakars and the Telangana armed struggle to face them. When they remember the brutal carnage, rapes and atrocities that happened before their eyes on that day, they tear up their eyes with pain. People suffered a lot during the rule of Rajakars. Finally, on 13th September 1948, the Indian Army besieged the city of Hyderabad in the name of Operation Polo. It is called Police Action. Then on September 17, Nizam Nawab announced his surrender. In this way the people of Hyderabad got freedom.

Since September 17 was the day of liberation from the rule of Rajakars, BJP has been demanding for several years that Telangana should be celebrated as Liberation Day. They have been saying that if their party comes to power in Telangana, they will officially organize it as Telangana Liberation Day. On the other hand, during the movement, the TRS party also demanded to hold September 17 officially. But after coming to power, Achituchi started acting on this subject in view of the sentiments of all the people. Even though BJP came to power at the center in 2014, they have been organizing Telangana Liberation Day on September 17 as a party program across Telangana. However, keeping in mind the political mileage in the context of the possibility of assembly elections in Telangana next year, the Union Ministry of Culture has decided to officially organize the Telangana Liberation Day celebrations from September 17 this year to September 17, 2023. The central government released an official statement on this and announced that Union Home Minister Amit Shah will attend the Telangana Liberation Day celebrations on September 17 as the chief guest. With this, the Telangana government is also ready to organize celebrations as a counter.

The Telangana state government has decided to organize grand celebrations for a year in the name of Telangana National Unity Diamond Jubilee after completing 74 years of transition from monarchy to democracy. As a part of it, the Vajrotsava opening ceremony was started for three days and various programs were initiated. The TRS government has announced that if the BJP at the center officially organizes these ceremonies, there is a possibility of creating a positive atmosphere against the BJP among the people, and they will also respect the sentiments of all the people and hold the Telangana National Unity Diamond Festival. The MIM party has called the people of the old town to participate in the Unity Diamond Festivals saying that they also support these ceremonies. On the other hand, while TRS and BJP are competing to make September 17 politically favorable, Congress has also taken a step forward saying that we are in the middle. Under the auspices of his party, Telangana is organizing programs in the name of independence celebrations. Politically, any party is trying to use September 17 for their mileage.

At the same time, the Pragati Bhavan vs. Raj Bhavan war also took place. Telangana State Government called for celebrations in the name of Unity Diamond Festival but Telangana Governor announced that it will be held as Liberation Day at Raj Bhavan. With this, the existing distance between the CM and the Governor has increased. Also, on the occasion of Telangana National Unity Days, the Telangana State Government has issued an order declaring Saturday, September 17 as a holiday. Chief Secretary Someshkumar stated in the orders that all government offices and educational institutions of all proprietors are being given leave. School Education Director Sreedevasena made it clear that teachers, non-teaching staff and students should be present for the unfurling of the national flag despite the declaration of a holiday.

Governor Tamilisai said in a statement that it is a matter of pride for Telangana to celebrate 75 years of liberation. On this occasion, she congratulated the people of the state. He called upon the people to remember the warriors who fought for liberation. He said that the people faced severe difficulties in the liberation movement. The movement they did on this occasion is historic. It is a topic of discussion all over the country to hold a ceremony on September 17. However, criticism is being heard from political analysts that political parties are changing their names and holding ceremonies for vote bank politics. On the whole, who will benefit politically from these ceremonies will be revealed in the future.

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