Usually in relation to any crime.. the police need a statement to give evidence in court. In this process, while taking a statement from their neighbor, the person’s identity also came out.

Viral: Police raids with secret information.. The young man was booked.. Another unexpected twist

Cannabis Plant Grown In Kitchen

Ram Naramaneni

Ram Naramaneni |

Sep 16, 2022 | 5:04 PM

Police across the country are cracking down on cannabis. Even in Kerala, the police are skinning drug addicts. In this order, some who are addicted to ganja are silently growing ganja plants at home because of the risk. Recently, the Anti-Narcotics Special Action Force arrested two people who were growing cannabis in the kitchen of their flat in Kakkanad. The accused have been identified as Valyatekkethil Alan (26) of Kannur and Puthanpurakkal Aparna (24) of Kayamkulam, who works in the operations executive department of Info Park. A cannabis plant was seized from their flat in Neelampathinjamoghal, Kakkanad. Officials said that the four-month-old plant planted in the kitchen is one and a half meters long. The LED light and exhaust fan installed there were seized to enable the plant to grow. According to secret information, it was revealed that the house was attacked. But there is another twist here. A man named Amal (28), who lives next to the house of the accused, was asked to testify as a witness. While taking the statement.. getting suspicious about Amal’s behavior.. When he was checked, he was also caught with ganja.



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