It must be said that the job they are doing is no less than hell with the smoke coming out of the vehicles and the loud noises that are frightening at the traffic junctions.

Viral Video: Some people love the jobs they are doing.. No matter what the situation is, no matter how difficult the situation is, they are always seen smiling. The work of the traffic police is very difficult. Especially due to the large number of vehicles in our country, the work they are doing is no less than hell with the smoke coming out from the vehicles and the scary noises at the traffic junctions. But in a video going viral on social media, a home guard on the streets as a traffic policeman is enjoying his job to the fullest. He is enjoying his duty properly.

This is a video of Home Guard doing traffic duty near Dehradun City Heart Hospital in Uttarakhand. The traffic policeman is dancing as a variety… he is controlling the traffic. A video of the home guard managing traffic in his unique style is going viral on social media. Jogendra Kumar, a traffic policeman, controls the traffic in his own style near the City Heart Hospital in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He whistles, dances and gives signals to cars and bikes. He is also smiling and doing different poses. The video also shows drivers being asked to cross a lane.

ANI shared the video and captioned the video as: It makes people happy. Enjoy this and reach your destination. I did this so that people do not get bored if they stop near traffic signals. I am enjoying my work,” Jogendra Kumar was quoted as saying. Users who are inspired by him are making different comments. His enthusiasm is an inspiration to all office goers… I see him everyday… God bless him. Netizens are making various comments.

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