There is no need to say anything special about the uniqueness of Tirumala Srivari Brahmotmavas. Go to Tirumala and visit Venkanna during Brahmotsavam.

Tirumala Srivari Brahmotsavam: There is no need to say anything special about the Tirumala Srivari Brahmotsavams. Devotees want to go to Tirumala and visit Venkanna during Brahmotsavam. Many people already make travel arrangements for this. Some people go to Tirumala without correct information or have difficulties. But this time Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has decided to give more priority to common devotees during Brahmotsavams. Brahmotsava will be celebrated from September 27 to October 5. Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam will be held on September 20 from 6 am to 11 am. Ankurarpana will be performed for Brahmotsavam on September 26 from 7 to 9 pm. The festivities will start from 27th. During the Brahmotsavam, steps are being taken to provide darshan of Srivari to 95 thousand to one lakh devotees per day. Arrangements are being made to give darshan of Shrivari to the common devotees within 18 to 19 hours.

The TTD officials are predicting that due to the covid, Srivari Brahmotsavams have been held in seclusion for the last two years, and with the coming of Peratasi month, which is important for Tamils, this time the Brahmotsavams are likely to be crowded with devotees. Keeping this in mind, for the first time in the history of Brahmotsavams, all privilege, payment, Srivani, morning services, Rs.300, senior citizens and special talents will be suspended. TTD officials have taken a decision by withholding Rs.300 darshan during Brahmotsavam. Devotees will be allowed in queue without any tickets. Arrangements are being made to implement the same procedure no matter how many people come. Also, LED screens will be installed in four or five places in the galleries set up in the Madavedhus of Tirumala so that about 2 lakh devotees can view the Lord. Actions are being taken to give darshan to the VIPs who come individually with their family members. Thithide Chairman YV Subbareddy has already made it clear that they will not allow anyone except family members. Tirumala prasadam laddu, which is considered very sacred, is being stocked in advance to avoid shortage of nine lakhs. Steps have been taken to prepare five lakh laddoos every day and make them available to the devotees.

In Kalyanakatta, barbers are being arranged to shave the heads of 60,000 people every day. On the day of Garudaseva, the main event of Brahmotsavam, at 7 o’clock in the night, Srivara Garuda will ride in Madavedhu from Vahana Mandapam. Along with Tarigonda Vengamamba Annadanasatra, arrangements are being made to make Annadana Prasada Kendras accessible to the devotees. Annaprasad is also served in the queues. The TTD officials have clarified that two-wheelers are not allowed on the pass road from the morning of Garudotsavam to the afternoon of the next day.

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