Sankranti is a big festival for everyone.. Sankranti is different. No matter where you are.. take vacations and go home.. have fun with all the family members in the festival..

Trains: Sankranti is a big festival for everyone. No matter where you are.. you should take vacations and go home.. have fun with all the family members during the festival. But there is still four months to go.. but for those who want to go to Pandak by train, this is bad news. Even though the festival is still four months away, the reservations in the trains are already full. There is a waiting list of more than 500 in each cart. And in trains like Godavari, Falaknuma, Lokamanya Tilak-Visakha, East Coast Express, that limit has also been crossed and reached regret. Even if a berth is not available, there is a long waiting list for those who want to travel with a waiting list ticket. Many people are already booking tickets three days before Sankranti festival. As reservations start 120 days in advance, passengers are booking tickets as soon as they start. And some people depend on the Tatkal that opens the day before. There are some passengers hoping to get a ticket even in Tatkal.

On January 12 and 13 next year, the trains will be heavily crowded. Those traveling from Hyderabad to Khammam, Vijayawada, Kakinada, Narsapur, Rajamahendravaram, Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam have not found any reservation. If we look at the situation at 9 am on Friday, September 16, there are 331 and 388 people in the waiting list for Secunderabad-Kakinada Gautami Express sleeper class on 12th and 13th respectively. Similar situation exists in Secunderabad-Narsapur and Kachiguda-Secunderabad Superfast Express. 276 and 219 people are waiting in Visakhapatnam Garibrath on 12th and 13th respectively. In Falakanama Express, but in First AC, except wait list 2, it has come to regret in all other classes. That means there is no possibility to book a waiting list ticket.

As those who want to travel by train cannot get tickets, they have to travel in RTC, private buses or their own vehicles. But during the festive season RTC as well as private travels charge more than usual. This is a disappointment for those who want to travel by train at a low fare. The price of sleeper ticket in Hyderabad-Visakhapatnam train is Rs.410 and for third AC is Rs.1,080. 770 only on Garibrath. The price of a sleeper ticket in RTC buses is Rs.1,140, ​​while in AC buses it ranges from Rs.1,696 to Rs.2,295. Special buses have 50 percent extra fare. If a family of four members wants to go home, the cost is high. All those who cannot get tickets in the train are waiting for the advanced reservations of the bus. 120 days advance reservation is allowed in the train. 60 days advance booking is allowed in buses. Finally, train passengers are waiting for the railway department to book tickets if they run any special trains in view of the festival season.

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