Sarpanch’s husband Vikas Kaitwas also accepted her decision.

Sarpanch: Here a village panchayat has built high-tech facilities. The village has now become a news item due to the work done by the village sarpanch. Villagers are praising the Sarpanch for the work he has done for the village. Ashabai Kaitwas, the newly elected female sarpanch of Jiri Gram Panchayat in Burhanpur, has emerged as an inspirational sarpanch. A woman sarpanch pawned her own jewelry for the security of her village and installed CCTV cameras in the village. Everyone is praising the woman sarpanch for her work. In fact, Ashabai Kaitwas, the female sarpanch of Burhanpur Gram Panchayat Jiri in Madhya Pradesh, pawned her jewelry and installed CCTV cameras worth 80,000 in the Gram Panchayat Jiri after taking charge of the panchayat.

Ashabai has installed these cameras so that incidents like accidents, thefts, molestations and kidnappings in the village are recorded in the cameras and the culprits can be caught easily. To this extent, female sarpanch Ashabai said that the safety of the villagers is the most important thing for them. Not only that.. This is also the issue of her election.. As part of that, 80 thousand HD quality cameras have been installed in the highway and panchayat keeping in mind the conditions at night.

The sarpanch said that an incident like kidnapping of a child took place here a few months ago. Police caught the accused within 72 hours after installing CCTV cameras on the highway. Indore Ichhapur Highway has become a killer highway. This decision was taken keeping this in mind. In fact, after taking charge of Sarpanch Panchayat, due to the code of conduct of elections, the transactions were stopped and also the new Sarpanch DSC was not prepared, so there was a delay in getting the money. At the same time, they want to install CC cameras immediately for security reasons. The sarpanch said that they could not wait for the government’s help and put the jewelery as collateral and set up CC cameras at their own expense.

Sarpanch’s husband Vikas Kaitwas also accepted her decision. Helped his wife in setting up CCTV cameras. There is a heated debate in the district on this matter. She was recognized as the first exemplary female Sarpanch of the district by taking care to prevent incidents like accidents, harassment, thefts and kidnappings within the panchayat.

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