Ancient Shiva Lingam found in Tamil Nadu. Locals believe that this is actually the lingam worshiped by Lord Rama.

Viral: The miracle revealed in the excavations.. Lord Rama was worshiped together...


Ram Naramaneni

Ram Naramaneni |

Sep 15, 2022 | 9:00 AM

Tamil Nadu: A miraculous event has come to light in Tamil Nadu. The ancient lingam of Lord Shiva has been discovered in archaeological excavations. Due to this, the devotees were overwhelmed. Harahara Mahadeva.. Sambho Sankara.. Nama: Shivaya and drowned in devotional ecstasy. This incident came to light in Nanamadai of Sivaganga District. Meanwhile, Sendhilmurugan, an officer of the archeology department, briefly explained the details about this wonderful lingam. Sri Ramachandra left for Lanka with the monkey army to free Sitamma from the captivity of the evil Ravanasura. Sendhilmurugan revealed that it was known through the ancestors that Shivalingas were worshiped and worshiped in many places to ensure their success on the way. It is in this order that when Rama passed through Tamil Nadu, the Shiv Lingam enshrined at Nanamadai went underground with the passage of time. Because of this, it is believed to be the lingam worshiped by Ramaiah’s father. The villagers want more research to be done in the area where Lord Rama walked. Also.. Construction of a temple is underway at the place where Shiva Lingam was revealed.

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