Woman Heart Stopped

A woman’s heart stopped for about 210 minutes i.e. almost three hours while undergoing surgery. What is that? How is this possible? It is said that a man will die if his heart does not beat for 3 minutes.? This rare incident took place in Uttar Pradesh. You have to know that story..!

Going into the details… a woman named Kavitha from Kankarkhed in Uttar Pradesh has been suffering from heart disease for the past few years. She returned to many hospitals for treatment because of fatigue and chest pain. But she did not get proper treatment anywhere. Finally Kavitha went to Lala Lajapatrai Memorial Medical College in Meerut to show her illness. The doctors there conducted several tests on her and concluded that one of the valves in the heart was damaged. They said that the operation should be done immediately.. otherwise there will be danger to life.

Doctors started surgery. While installing a mechanical heart valve in the heart with the help of a machine, her heart stopped beating for about 210 minutes. The doctors did not understand what was happening. However, the operation was completed successfully.. Finally her life was saved. Meanwhile, the medical staff stated that this kind of operation was done for the first time in the history of Meerut Medical College.. The medical staff said that her survival gave happiness to everyone. He revealed that this is a miracle.

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