In the guise of Baba, he lay down on the beaten roads and fought as if he were fighting… Committee member Nityananda..

Viral Video: The heavy rains in Karnataka disrupted the life of the people there. All the roads were damaged due to torrential rains. Motorists and commuters are struggling to travel on potholed roads. In this order, a social worker protested in an innovative way to repair the roads damaged by rain in Udupi. This video is going viral on social media. The netizens who saw the video are reacting strongly. Let’s find out what’s in that viral video here…

A social worker in Udupi dressed up as Baba to bring the state of roads to the attention of the government. In the guise of Baba, he lay down on the battered roads as if he were fighting… Committee member Nityananda Olakadu started a variety protest to bring the pathetic condition of the roads to the attention of the media and the government. All this was taken on video by local committee members and posted on social media. Manosh Kumar shared the video on his Twitter account. Along with the post, a social worker in #Udupi sleeps on potholes to highlight the deplorable condition of roads. Nithyananda Olakadu, a member of the Udupi Civic Committee, did the work wearing a saffron robe.

Potholes formed on roads near Indrali Railway Bridge. People and motorists are suffering due to standing water in potholes on the road. This video got more than 15 thousand views. 9 hundred people retweeted. A netizen commented that the government should open its eyes and repair the damaged roads.

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