Drug Bust: They busted a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into Gujarat. Gujarat ATS (Gujarat ATS), Indian Coast Guard team jointly broke this conspiracy.

On the coast of Gujarat Rs. Gujarat’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has arrested six Pakistani nationals who were smuggling drugs worth Rs 200 crore. They were caught as part of a joint operation. A joint operation was conducted by Coast Guard and ATS police near Jakhow port in Kutch district. The officer said that a fishing boat carrying drugs was intercepted in the middle of the sea. It was found that they were taking about 40 kg of heroin from them. The police took them into custody and handed them over to the Kutch police. Also, 6 Pakistanis were arrested along with drugs. It was revealed that a Nigerian in Punjab jail had ordered these drugs. This Nigerian man was found to be running a drug network from a Punjab jail. At present, teams of Gujarat Police, ATS and Coast Guard are closely monitoring the coastal areas.

Huge success of Gujarat ATS..

Officials described it as a huge success of Gujarat ATS. The operation jointly conducted by ATS and Coast Guard is going on under the name IMBL. They are catching the mafia red-handed who are supplying drugs across the borders. Drugs worth around 3600 crores have been seized so far.

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