Trinamool Congress and BJP in West Bengal are still in conflict. Even though a year has passed since the elections, there is no complete stop to the violent incidents. Latest..

Viral News: Trinamool Congress and BJP are still fighting in West Bengal. Even though a year has passed since the elections, there is no complete stop to the violent incidents. Recently, the ‘Chalo Sachiwalayam’ protest by the BJP against the Trinamool Congress rule in West Bengal turned violent. Despite the lack of permission from the police, Chalo Secretariat organized the program, causing severe tension in many parts of the capital, Kolkata. Physical attacks on the police who came to stop the protestors in some places became controversial. The footage of a policeman being beaten with sticks by protesters holding BJP flags in Kolkata is going viral on social media. A policeman who came to block a rally against the Trinamool Congress government was surrounded by protesters holding BJP flags. A man wearing a police dress was indiscriminately attacked with sticks. Even though the policeman ran from there to escape from them, the protesters chased him and attacked him. After that some locals stopped them. A video related to this has gone viral as some have posted it on social media. With this, Trinamool Congress Party has launched a fierce attack on BJP. By posting this video on TMC Twitter, BJP’s true nature has come out. On the day of Rakhi, BJP leaders tied rakhis to the police and took pictures with them. They behave like this in the rest of the days. Is this the respect we give to the police? It is sad that such attacks are happening on those who are working to protect the people. However, BJP leaders reacted to this video. Union Minister Subhash Sarkar commented that the police threw stones at the peaceful protestors and provoked them.

On the other hand, Congress leaders posted a close-up video of protesters setting fire to a police vehicle on Twitter. The video shows a man setting the car on fire with a cigarette lighter. Sharing this video, the Congress party was furious with the BJP. BJP denied these allegations. BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari said that the people who set fire to the car were not BJP workers. All in all these two videos are going viral on social media.

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