LPG Cylinder: Good news for such women. Are you worried about getting more money for LPG gas cylinder? No need to worry anymore. A gas cylinder is going to be available for just Rs.750. Compared to the normal cylinder price you have been paying till now Rs. 300 available for less. Let’s find out the details here.

Inflation has increased rapidly in the last few days. growing up Central Government and Reserve Bank of India are making many efforts to control inflation. This effect is directly affecting the common people. But this effect is showing more especially on the kitchen. Although LPG prices have been stable for some time now, they are already feeling a bit uneasy with the increased gas cylinder prices. But currently in Telugu states a 14.2 kg gas cylinder costs Rs. There are more than a thousand. At a time like thisif you too are planning to get a new gas connection to your home in the next few days.. State-owned oil company Indane has come up with a very attractive offer for its customers.

In fact, state-owned oil company Indane has launched a new scheme for the convenience of consumers. Under this you can get LPG cylinder at low price. With this new plan of Indane, you can get a gas cylinder for just Rs 750. That means you can get this gas cylinder at a price of around Rs.300 less than the regular price.

Its specialty is..

Indane started a company for the common man. This cylinder weighs less than a normal cylinder. Hence its price is also low. This cylinder can be purchased for just Rs.750. Its specialty is.. you can easily carry it from one place to another.

Currently this facility is only in 28 cities..

Indane currently offers this facility in 28 cities. Soon it will be expanded and this cylinder will be available in all cities.

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