To kill all the mosquitoes, the drug was increased a little. Leaving the mosquitoes aside, the dose was high… the female employees there… fainted.

Viral: 16 female employees suddenly fainted in the company.. What was the reason..?

Unconscious (representative image)

Ram Naramaneni

Ram Naramaneni |

Sep 14, 2022 | 10:18 AM

Greater Noida: A shocking incident has come to light in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEcotech 3 police station in Greater Noida. 16 female employees of an electronic parts manufacturing company fainted suddenly. The reason for this is mosquito repellent. Yes, they all fainted due to the high dose of mosquito repellent sprayed in the company to exterminate mosquitoes. This created a chaotic situation in the company premises. The incident took place on Sunday. The rest of the employees were immediately alerted and rushed to a nearby private hospital. Three of them are in critical condition and are being treated in the ICU. The relatives of the women who reached the hospital expressed their displeasure with the management of the company. They were fired saying that they would survive without Soi. The police say that action will be taken if the family members of the victim women complain. When doing such things after the mosquitoes are gone, take care not to touch the lives of people.

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