Masood Azhar In Afghanistan: Pakistan has received a new tune that Masood Azhar is not on their soil.. He may be in Afghanistan. Pakistan has always maintained that they do not know where Masood Azhar is. But Masood Azhar continues to post on Pakistani social media networks. Jaish terrorists to promote terrorism all over the world.

Pakistan has taken a new tune. She hides a poisonous snake hidden in her nest. Not only that, it has a new plan to divert everyone’s attention. Pakistan has written to Afghanistan demanding the arrest of Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar. The letter clearly states that Masood Azhar is likely to be in Nangarhar and Kunhar in the Afghan province. The letter said that the Jaish chief should be found and arrested, and then information should be given to the Pakistani authorities. Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs writing a letter to arrest Masood Azhar has now become a world sensation. Afghanistan has not yet responded to the issue.

China will block..

Masood Azhar was included in the list of global terrorists by the United Nations on 1 May 2019. After the attack on the Indian Parliament in 2008, the United States listed JM as a foreign terrorist organization. India is demanding the United Nations Security Council to recognize JM and Masood Azhar as international terrorist organizations. But China blocked this attempt.

FATF pressure on Pakistan

Pakistan seems to have written this letter under pressure from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The organization asked Pakistan to take immediate action against the terrorists. By doing this, Pakistan is trying to get out of the FATF gray list. Pakistan started a new drama as a result of pressure from FATF. In the past, Lashkar-e-Taiba had also taken action against Sajid Mir.

Pakistan is telling new stories that Masood Azhar is not on their soil, he may be in Afghanistan. Pakistan has continuously maintained that there is no trace of Masood Azhar. But Masood Azhar continues to post actively on Pakistani social media networks. Moreover, he is busy recruiting terrorists in the Jaish organisation.

The latest report released by the FATF Asia-Pacific Group has given Pakistan a low rating. The FATF is headquartered in Sydney. Asia Pacific Group (APG), the latest ratings were released by the FATF on September 2. Pakistan got only 1 point out of 11 points offered by FATF. These details were published by The Dawn magazine.

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