Medicine: Are you taking Rantac and Gintac tablets if you have gas problem? But think twice. Cancer will come..

Medicine: Are you taking Rantac and Gintac tablets if you have gas problem? But think twice. The Center has removed these drugs from the emergency list due to suspicion of cancer. The Center has removed Rantac K and Zintac tablets, which we use regularly for gas troubles, from the emergency list. There are suspicions that these drugs can cause cancer. That is why the Union Health Department has announced that 26 other drugs along with Rantac and Zintac tablets will be removed from the emergency list. The central government has released a list of essential medicines. There are a total of 384 drugs in the new list. In this, 34 new drugs have been added along with anti-infectives like ivermectin.

The National Emergency Medicines List 2022 was released today by Union Health Ministry Mansukh Mandaviya. He mentioned that there is a new list with 384 drugs in 27 categories. Adding to this list will make the prices of key drugs like antibiotics, vaccines and anti-cancer drugs available. He said that the cost of medicines for the patients will be reduced. 34 types of drugs like endocrine drugs, insulin glargine, ivermectin have been newly added to the list. Ranitidine, Sucralfate, Atenolol and 26 types of drugs have been removed. The central government has disclosed that these medicines have been removed due to the prices of medicines and availability of best medicines. After 2015 National Emergency Medicines List has been updated again.

Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that this list was prepared after 140 discussions with more than 350 experts. Ranitidine, a popular antacid salt, is sold in the country under the brand names Asilac, Zintac and Rantac. Doctors mostly prescribe these medicines for acidity and stomach pain related problems. It is one of the most sold drugs in the world. But an American research in 2019 revealed that this medicine has carcinogenic properties. Since then, discussions on the use of this drug have been going on. Therefore, there are suspicions that it may have been removed from the list of emergency medicines.

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