In the face of increasing stray dog ​​attacks, the state government has decided to take drastic measures to control their menace. To kill aggressive, rabies-infected stray dogs

Dog rabies virus: Dog bites are increasing in Kerala. In four months, 8 people died of rabies due to the bite of stray dogs and tens of others were injured. As dog bites are increasing all over the state, Kerala government has taken a crucial decision. In the face of increasing stray dog ​​attacks, the state government has decided to take drastic measures to control their menace. Minister MB Rajesh revealed on Monday that the Kerala government will seek the Supreme Court’s permission to kill aggressive and rabies-infected stray dogs. Apart from this, the minister said that a vaccination drive will also be organized for a month from September 20 to October 20. The minister reviewed with the authorities on dog bites in Thiruvananthapuram and took several decisions. It has been revealed that the government has taken a decision to approach the Supreme Court as there is no possibility of killing stray dogs under the existing laws.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act -1960, Animal Birth Control (ABC) Rules -2001, prohibits the killing or mutilation of stray dogs. Earlier in 2016, the Supreme Court warned the vigilante groups in Kerala. They were outraged that they had taken power into their own hands to shoot dogs and encouraged them to do the same by distributing cheap air guns to people. The Supreme Court then observed that human life is no better than animal life. However, the court held that dangerous dogs can be exterminated using methods prescribed under municipal laws. But.. is it allowed to kill dogs now..? Or we have to wait and see.. Meanwhile, the government said that all but one of the seven people who died had been vaccinated against rabies.

Dogs born during aggressive lockdown..

Experts say that dogs born during the Covid lockdown will be more aggressive. It is said that because they do not mix with humans, they become very aggressive and create problems in the state. Experts from Animal Husbandry Department and Veterinary University expressed this opinion in a high-level meeting organized by the government to discuss the prevention of serious stray dog ​​menace. During covid, hundreds of stray dogs were born in different parts of the state. They grew up eating food thrown away in public places. However.. they have created territories so far.. Experts have pointed out that the behavior of attacking those who enter their territories is high in these dogs. They are also said to be aggressive in nature like chasing bikes and attacking people. However, experts said that rabies symptoms are more common in attacking dogs.

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