The three parties are getting ready to say goodbye. The heat is increasing in Munugoda with yatras and gatherings. If you want to know the intensity of the uproar of the political parties, the increased alcohol consumption in the seven mandals and two municipalities of the previous constituency…

MUNUGODU BY-ELECTION SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT VERY SOON: There are signs that Munugodu by-elections will begin soon. The Collector of Nalgonda took action last week on the instructions of the Central Election Commission to conduct inspections of EVMs and VV Payats. As this process will be completed within ten to fifteen days, there is a possibility that the announcement on the by-election schedule will be made by the fourth week of September. If that happens, there are indications that by-election polling will be held in the last week of October or the first week of November. Irrespective of the level of the Election Commission’s arrangements for conducting the by-elections, the political parties, mainly three parties, are getting ready to die. The heat is increasing in Munugoda with yatras and gatherings. If you want to know the severity of the uproar of the political parties, it will be known if you look at the increased alcohol sales and their statistics in the seven mandals and two municipalities of the previous constituency. Liquor parties seem to have flourished in the past as a part of their efforts to protect the cadre and leaders from the attempts to tame the voters. At the same time voters are divided by caste and liquor is being supplied to them on a large scale. Videos related to these are doing the rounds on social media. The trend of these types of videos seems to be more on the occasion of any public meeting, padayatra or rally. In the previous segment, liquor sales were 25 lakhs in the month of July. By August, there were reports that the liquor sales had almost doubled to more than 45 lakhs. Sitting MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, who resigned from the Congress party and joined the BJP, is sure to contest from there on the lotus symbol. Congress party announced its candidate last week. Congress party has given ticket to Palvai Sravanti, who was disappointed with party ticket twice in the past. Even though the campaign was going well, the party leadership took an unexpected decision that the sitting MLA Rajagopal Reddy and the candidates of the ruling TRS party, Challamalla Krishna Reddy, who is half strong, will get the ticket of the Congress party. As the daughter of Palvai Govardhan Reddy, who has been a Congress MLA for a long time in the district, Sravanti is well known to the party circles. With that, it is understood that Palvai family’s loyalty to the party is important. In fact, many people thought that Kailas Neta, who had won the ticket earlier, and former journalist Palle Ravikumar Goud would get the ticket due to the background of the high number of BC votes in Munugodu constituency, the possibility of Reddy community getting the ticket on behalf of BJP and TRS party (not yet announced). But with the unexpected decision of the Congress party, Palvai Sravanti got the ticket. In other words, the Congress party has officially announced the first candidate among the three major parties. Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy’s candidature on behalf of BJP is almost confirmed, but suspense is still going on in the TRS party. However, everyone thinks that former MLA (2014-18) Koosukuntla Prabhakar Reddy will get the pink ticket. There is a possibility that the candidates will be clarified by the time the schedule is announced.

Victory in Munugodu should be seen as a big challenge for Rajagopal Reddy and BJP. In fact, the TRS party does not need much persistence in this seat. Because it is prestigious for the Congress party as a party sitting seat and BJP as a candidate sitting seat. But for KCR, who is fighting a big battle to stop BJP’s entry into the state, victory in Mungudu is very important. Because the previous by-election is going to be a litmus test to see if people believe the countless issues raised by KCR over the past year, starting with the issue of grain purchase last year and now continuing the war against Narendra Modi in the name of BJP Mukt Bharat. On the other hand, since the by-election is taking place at the time when his national political reign is starting, the victory there will be useful to attract many people at the national level. Being the ruling party, the candidate (if it is Kusukuntla Prabhakar Reddy) is also half-strength… In addition to all these, the left parties with a traditional vote bank in Munugodu are seen to be the factors that the TRS party can combine. This time, the Left parties, who have been against the ruling parties for a long time, have declared their support for the ruling TRS party. The CPI, which earlier announced its support for the Rose Party, participated in the CM’s meeting alone. CPI leader Palla Venkata Reddy shared dias with KCR. So.. Palla Venkata Reddy has signaled that the CPI party will work together with the TRS party in the previous by-election campaign. The CPM party, which announced its support a little late, is yet to be clarified. But since the objective of both the Left parties is to stop the BJP, the CPM leaders should also be expected to support the TRS candidate during the campaign. Even though they did not get even minimum votes in the last election, this time BJP is showing aggression to the extent that it is their victory due to the strength of the candidate. Bandi Sanjay Kumar has planned the third and fourth phase of Praja Sangram Padayatra with the same goal as before. The route of Sanjay Padayatra, which is going on through the outskirts of Hyderabad city, has been finalized. Sanjay padayatra closing meeting will be held near Munugodu constituency. The leaders of the Congress party are saying that the success of the Congress party in 2019 is a reflection of the fact that they have been successful in the past for a long time and the people of their immediate constituency. This is the second by-election for Revanth Reddy after taking charge as the president of TPCC. Revanth’s opposition in the Congress party is saying that he could not lead the party on the path of victory in the Huzurabad by-election. If not, Huzurabad’s Etala Rajender and TRS have become prestigious for the party. At that time, Eta as sitting MLA and TRS party as sitting seat were prestigious at that time. On that point, Revanth Reddy was able to silence his opponents in the party. But now the by-elections are going to be held.. the sitting seat of the Congress party. So.. if the party candidate does not win here, it will be difficult for Revanth Reddy to face the critics in the party.

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