Lumpy Virus Cases: While people are suffering from the virus in the country, new variants are causing panic. Diseases are infecting not only humans but also cattle.

Lumpy Virus Cases: While people are suffering from the virus in the country, new variants are causing panic. Diseases are spreading not only to humans but also to cattle, which is causing concern. Lumpy virus cases are increasing rapidly in the country. This skin disease infects animals. So far, its cases have spread to more than 10 states, according to the Union Health Department. Most cases of this virus are being registered in Rajasthan. Lumpy cases are increasing massively in this state. The dumb creatures infected with this virus are struggling. Reports say that more than 55 thousand cattle have died in the state due to this virus. The Rajasthan government has written to the central government to declare this lumpy disease as an epidemic. Reports reveal that 8 to 10 percent of cows infected with this virus die. If one animal is affected by this disease, another animal is also affected by it. Veterinary experts say that the virus is spread from one animal to another by a fly or mosquito lying on a wound on the body of an infected cow or cattle.

Can humans also get this disease by drinking cow’s milk?

Now that cows are infected with this lumpy disease, there is a fear that the disease will spread to people through their milk. Can children or adults also contract this virus by drinking milk from infected cows? This is worrying. In this regard, Dr. Arun Shah, a pediatrician from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, said that people usually boil cow’s milk and drink it in all homes, boiling milk kills any dangerous bacteria or viruses present in it. In such a situation there is no danger if people boil cow’s milk and drink it. If you drink unboiled milk under any circumstances it can affect children or adults. But it depends on their immune system. He said that if immunity is better, there is no risk of contracting the virus. If humans get an infection, it does not become a disease. At the same time, even if the viral load is low, the chances of contracting the disease are very low.

No need to panic over lumpy virus:

People living in areas affected by this virus need not panic. Drinking the milk of an infected cow does not mean that this virus can spread to humans. So far there is no medical evidence that this disease can infect humans. If you drink cow’s milk, you should not be afraid that people will also get infected.

How to prevent this virus

Veterinary Officer Dr Narsiram explained about the virus prevention methods. If a cow shows symptoms of lumpy virus, the cow is separated from the herd and given feed, water and treatment. Inform the health department immediately about a cow infected with the virus.

Dr. Narsiram said that Gout Pox and Sheep Pox vaccine will help a lot in preventing lumpy virus. The vaccine is up to 60 percent effective. In such a situation it is very important to vaccinate cattle with this vaccine. Along with this, there is a need to make people aware about this virus.

Knowledge of symptom identification is essential

In many areas there is a lack of awareness of lumpy properties. Experts say that people should not panic about this disease. In case of rash or injury on the cow’s body, the health department should be informed immediately. By separating the cow at the right time, other cattle can be protected from this infection.

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