PM Modi: Prime Minister’s shock over the Secunderabad accident..Compensation announcement for the families of the deceased

Secunderabad fire accident: Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed shock over the massive fire accident in Secunderabad on Monday night. Condolences were expressed to the families of the deceased. An aid of Rs 2 lakh has been announced to the families of the deceased.

A huge fire accident in Secunderabad on Monday night filled the city with sadness. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed shock over the fire incident. Condolences were expressed to the families of the deceased. Two lakhs for the families of the dead and Rs.50 thousand for the injured have been announced. The Ruby Lodge fire incident is being intensively investigated. The lodge owner Ranjitsingh Bagga was detained by the police. Inquired about building permissions, bikes showroom, lodge management permissions. Firefighters inspect fire safety regulations. The bike battery explosion and short circuit angles are being investigated. But eight people have died in this accident so far. It seems that the health condition of two others is serious. They are being treated at Apollo, Yashoda and Gandhi. A total of 25 people are believed to have been in Ruby Lodge at the time of the accident.

Fire at an electric scooter showroom claimed eight lives. The area resounded with loud noises as the e-scooters lined up and exploded one by one. While watching, the showroom got burnt. Thick smoke spread to the Ruby Hotel above the showroom. The tourists who got down at the hotel were suffocated by the smoke. Some were burnt alive before they knew what was happening. Others were seriously injured. Six people are undergoing treatment in the hospital. Some of them jumped from the top in fear of their lives. Some saved their lives by going down with the help of the pipes of the building.

How the accident happened

Ruby Electrical Showroom is located near Regional Passport Office on the road opposite Secunderabad Railway Station. The showroom has a godown of vehicles in the cellar. E-bikes are charged by the staff. An e-scooter battery exploded at 8.45 pm on Monday. In moments, all the vehicles’ batteries burst into flames with a loud explosion. No one was in the godown when the accident took place. But the thick smoke spread to the rooms of the Ruby Hotel on the upper floors. They left the rooms as if they were suffocating. Others are languishing in hospitals. This caused the death of eight people.

Starting from the charging electric bike.

The showroom staff started charging the electric bikes in the cellar at six o’clock on Monday evening. The time is 9 pm. Then a battery exploded like a bomb. After that, one after the other, all fifty bikes… blasted with a loud noise like serial bombs. Before we knew what had happened, the entire hotel was engulfed in thick smoke.

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