BJP vs AAP: No matter what Aam Aadmi leader Arvind Kejriwal does This Broom party leader who claims to be a common man, is a common..

BJP vs AAP: Whatever Aam Aadmi leader Arvind Kejriwal does, it is a mistake. This Broom Party leader, who claims to be a common man, goes immediately when an ordinary auto driver calls him for lunch. It is common for leaders of political parties to eat at the homes of activists and fans, but Aravindu is a ‘Jara Hathke’ type. Why read this article..

Arvind Kejriwal, who went to his house on the invitation of the auto driver, had lunch at their house. It is remarkable that a chief minister dined in an old house. But there is something more special. Arvind Kejriwal came to this house in an auto.

Kejriwal, who was campaigning for the elections in Gujarat, was invited for lunch by Vikrambhai Dantani, an auto driver from Ahmedabad. But Kejriwal did not want to go to his house as CM. Vikrambhai prepared to go to dinner in his own auto. But although Kejriwal had his heart set, the police did not agree. A chief minister said he could not go in an auto. There will be security issues. But Kejriwal disagreed. He got into an argument with the police. He said he was a man of the people. Finally the CM prevailed. While Vikrambhai was driving, Kejriwal was riding in the back of the auto on the streets of Ahmedabad. The policeman was sitting next to the auto driver. A chief minister going in an auto at night created tension for the police.

Arvind Kejriwal went to auto driver Vikrambhai’s house. Kejriwal had lunch with them in the old house. An auto driver who was excited to see the Chief Minister came home and Kejriwal made him happy. Kejriwal ate the meal, but the autodriver had his stomach full. It remains to be seen how many more such scenes will be there in the Gujarat election campaigns.

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