Sonu Sood

In this digital age.. the dignity of girls.. is going without protection. Starting from the bathroom.. to the bedroom.. starting from the trial room to the holy places in the temples.. anytime.. anywhere.. there is an attempt to capture the dignity of the girls on cameras. Putting them on porn sites and marketing their lives is becoming routine. Recently, something like this happened in Chandigarh University. Nude videos of girls leaked by a girl went viral all over the news. It made all the women turn against the management of that university. But recently Sonusud reacted on the same thing. A responsible warning to all. “The incident at Chandigarh University is very unfortunate. This is the time to stand by our sisters and be a role model for a responsible society. This is a testing time for us and not for the victims. Be responsible..” tweeted Sonusud. Now this tweet is going viral. Sonu’s responsible tweet makes everyone clap.

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