If you say gold..if you pour water on a tree, the flower will bloom..and you will know the value of my love if you share your love with me..now the dialogue is going viral on social media. Based on eDialogue on love..

life style news: The dialogue is now going viral on social media, if you say gold..if you pour water on a tree, the flower will bloom..and you will know the value of my love if you share your love with me.. An extensive discussion on love is based on the eDialogue. Usually love is a sweet memory in life.. How love is born and when it is born can’t be said.. But love is just a boy.. Many people think that love is between a girl. But the two letters of love are not limited to that. May be love for family members.. May be love for friends. Or some people love some places, some things, some even some foods. But there is love in every person’s life. It should be.. But love is strong only when there is honesty in this love. If there is too much love, it will not blossom. True love stands strong through the ages. Spreads love that lasts a lifetime. A tree blossoms only when watered. Also love in life is like water. When it is there, our life also blossoms like a flower. You may think that the flower will fall. But the tree survived. Gives us many more flowers and fruits. One can say that love is like water. So is oxygen. It can also be said that love is a booster dose. It is not to think that there is no life if there is no love, but it is a fact that if there is love in our life, if there is a loved one, life will be good. Everyone should experience its taste. The courage to give love.. It is the caring that love gives.. The memories that love gives are never forgotten. That’s why if someone loves us.. or if we love someone we can’t forget them. These two letters love plays a key role in our life. That’s how far it takes a person. But too much of anything is useless. So don’t put too many hoops in love. Let it go as it goes. If it is taken too much, that love can become poison. That’s why many people love it more. Suffer more. Sometimes they destroy their own lives. These happen without knowing.

On the other hand, one should be very alert in love between a boy and a girl. Because if there is too much water there is a risk of death of the plant. We have to give it as much water as it needs. Also there should be limit in love. Unconditional love always causes trouble. Love love as love. Moreover, if we take love with too much love, it can completely get away from us. Because overdose is not good for health. Too much love is not good for life.

Many people think that if they love, their life will be destroyed.. or they will not be happy. When there are too many hoops in love.. when love is too much.. when too much care is too much.. and all these things.. when it becomes too much, we have to lose love. It’s love that I give, isn’t it? But.. other people should also have the power to take your love. Maybe your love bothers them unknowingly. Does your love unknowingly draw boundaries in the name of caution? Having said that.. this log will not stop. So love it. If you take this extreme and love it.. you too can fall in love. That love flourishes and flourishes. Otherwise, love can become a bitter experience if it goes beyond the limits.

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