The prestigious awards at the World Film Festival are the Oscar Awards. Every filmmaker dreams of receiving such an award. Every movie hero tries. But the managers of Variety magazine have once again published and said that this same award will definitely go to the heroes of RRR. Not just saying. They are once again creating vibrations in Hollywood with their Oscar nomination probable list. The organizers of Variety magazine, who had already said that NTR’s name will be in the Oscar ring, have recently created another probable list.

This time, RRR heroes Ram Charan, Tarak and Rajamouli have published an updated list in their magazine. RRR fans are happy with that. As the best heroes… Charan, Tarak… Rajamouli as the best director will be in the Oscar nomination, said Zosyam. It is said that along with nominations, India will also get Oscar. With this news.. Nettinta tribe is going viral with their Oscar nomination list. Mega and Nandamuri fans have already started celebrating. Many analysts say that Tarak and Charan’s performance in RRR film is sure to win Oscar. Let’s see what will happen..

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