Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsina Vadini Review: Kiran Abbavaram is a hero who came into the industry without a background and is doing successive films in his own style. He recently came with another movie.

Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsina Vadini Review: 'I Need You Well' Movie Review..

Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsina Vadini

Nenu Meeku Baga Kavalsina Vadini Review: Kiran Abbavaram is a hero who came into the industry without a background and is doing successive films in his own style. He recently came with another movie. That’s what I need for you. What is the review of this movie which has family emotions in the title itself.. Does Kiran really seem like a good person or not..?

Movie: I need you better

Actors: Kiran Abbavaram, Sanjana Anand, Sonu Thakur, Siddharth Menon, SV Krishna Reddy, Baba Bhaskar, Sameer, Sangeeta, Niharika, Pramodini, Bharat Rongali etc.

Music: Mani Sharma

Editor: Praveen Pudi

Cinematographer: Raj Ke Nalli

Screenplay, Words: Kiran Abbavaram

Director: Shridhar Gade

Producer: Kodi Divya Dipti

Release Date: 16/09/22


Vivek (Kiran Abbavaram) is a cab driver. One day, Teju (Sanjana Anand) gets into his car and tries to find out about the girl. He asks why he had to drink so much. At the same time Teju tells his love story to Vivek. She tells that she was cheated by someone because of her elder sister. After that, with Vivek’s encouragement, Teju gets closer to his estranged family. Everything is fine.. Vivek gives a shocking twist when he wants to express his growing fondness for Vivek. It turns out that his name is Naveen and not Vivek. Why this change.. Why did he become a cab driver for Teju.. What is the actual relationship between these two is the rest of the story..


Even before Abbavaram, Kiran has been choosing routine stories for his films. Moreover, he is preparing the audience in advance that he is not doing any new stories. He did the same now. Once again this hero comes with a routine story. They brought the old story that has been used since forever and tried to give it a new twist. Getting used to the commercial style, Kiran is fixated on filling films with only six songs and four fights. SR Kalyanamandapam has worked out.. He started this too. The movie starts with the item song.. Then immediately the heroine’s entry.. Action sequence.. Four comedy scenes.. Falling in love.. There is a twist.. Interval.. The story goes like this in a fixed format. Moreover the screenplay moves slowly. Director Sridhar Gade has taken a lot of time for character introductions. Introducing the heroine as an alcoholic girl.. The hero sees her and wants to fix it. You don’t get a complete idea of ​​the story of the film until the first off. The interval twist is great. The story of this film is that the heroine, deceived in love. The director who dragged the first half so well.. gave another interesting twist in the second half. The director who designed the heroine’s love story in an unexpected way.. and also wrote the climax twist. Although the line looks good, director Sridhar was not impressed with the way it was shot. Moreover, after watching the movie at the end, one remembers the story of 15-year-old Krishnavamshi’s Shashi Rekha.


Ease is good in Kiran Abbavaram. It has all the characteristics of a commercial hero but lacks the right emotions. This guy believes in elevations more than stories. Heroine Sanjana Anand is good. She acted well in the scope of the role. Baba Bhaskar’s comedy seems excessive. Tamil accent is heard more. SV Krishna Reddy, Sonu Thakur, Sameer and others were very pleasing as long as they were there.

Technical Team:

Mani Sharma’s music is routine. There was no novelty in the songs. Cinematography by RR Raj ​​K Nalli. The film looks good visually. Editing is very week. Most of the scenes in the first half are slow moving. Second half flash back is also minus. As a director Sridhar Gade came from halfway through the project so he cannot be blamed entirely. The confusion is visible as it is a product of two directors. Along with the routine story, the screenplay is also routine, so the desirable one is gone.

Punch Line: I am very desirable to you.. not so desirable..!

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