Sreemukhi Remuneration

Srimukhi is a name that needs no special introduction to the television audience. She is entertaining Telugu people as an anchor with her eloquence. So far, she has acted as a commentator for many reality shows. Besides, Srimukhi also has a large following. Netizens show interest in every post she shares. Recently Saima shined at the awards ceremony. Srimukhi anchored the Saima Awards 2022 ceremony held in Bangalore on September 10. The juggling act of her words impressed the celebrities who came to the celebrations. Anchors from all the languages ​​of the South will be present in these ceremonies. So Srimukhi got this opportunity from Telugu. It seems that Bullitera Ramulamma has taken a huge remuneration for these celebrations. According to the latest information, Sreemukhi was given the highest remuneration among all the anchors in Saima Vaidukas. It sounds like a remuneration of 15 lakhs has been given for two days. Not only in reality shows but also in movies, Sreemukhi has impressed with many key roles.

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