Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot row: In the police explanation, it has been revealed that someone morphed his photo and he did not act in a nude photo shoot. Ranveer’s statement is being investigated

Ranveer Singh Photoshoot: A new twist in Ranveer's nude photoshoot controversy.. His photo was allegedly morphed..

Ranveer Singh Photoshoot Row

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh attended the investigation of the Mumbai police on the nude photo shoot controversy. In the police statement, it was revealed that someone had morphed her photo and she did not act in a nude photo shoot. Mumbai Police is investigating Ranveer’s statement. Has anyone actually morphed a photo? Or whether it is a real photo will be revealed in the police investigation.

Ranveer did a photo shoot for a paper magazine cover a few days ago. The photo went viral as he acted naked in that photo. The women’s groups complained to the police about this matter. The police registered a case and issued summons to Ranveer. The case took a turn when Ranveer, who was present at the trial, alleged that he had morphed the photo.

Mumbai police registered a case against him after his private parts were seen in viral photos. Ranveer Singh was asked many questions by the police. Which company signed the contract for the nude photo shoot with Ranveer? When and where did the photo shoot take place? The police questioned him during the investigation that such a shoot would hurt the sentiments of the people.

The police sent the viral photo to the forensic lab and will investigate whether the photo is morphed or not. Ranveer is likely to get a clean chit if this photo tampering issue comes forward.

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