Bigg Boss is storming with top rating in the television reality show. Like all the seasons, even in season 6, there is enough entertainment with fights, goals and crying.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu: Bigg Boss is storming with top rating in the television reality show.. Like all the seasons, in the season 6 also there is enough entertainment with quarrels, shouting and crying. King Nagarjuna gave a twist without eliminating anyone in the first week. And this week, someone will definitely be eliminated and come out. Who is that one now became interesting. And yesterday’s episode went well. Geethu is giving Revanth a dot in the captaincy task this week. Bigg Boss asked the people in the house to nominate one person each. So everyone nominated each other. In this process there was a fierce war between Revanth and Geethu. But Revanth gets a bit irritated and compares Geetu with impurity. Geethu also spoke directly to Revanth.

And in the captaincy task, Geethu beat Revanth to death. As part of the task, Bigg Boss gave toys to the people in the house. They want to treat those toys as their own children. As part of the Sisindri task, they have to protect the toys given to whom. But when Revanth was oblivious, Geetho hit Revanth’s doll. So Revanth had to leave the task. That made Revanth even more agitated. He shouted loudly at Neha who was agitated. Revanth’s wife is currently pregnant. Revanth became very emotional as he could not save the baby doll. I wanted to keep that doll aside and sleep.. I wanted to see how that feeling would be.. but I couldn’t. Revanth burst into tears saying that he could not control himself. All in all, Revanth had to shed tears as Geethu beat the thief.

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