Krishnam Raju Death

In the green surroundings.. under the shade of Vechini tree… with a calm mind.. looking at the vast sky.. in the midst of neglected thoughts… everyone thinks to leave the world… to take their last breath.. Rebel star Krishnam Raju also thought the same. What do you think? He said in an interview that if he dies, he will die like this. But unlike that.. in the hospital rooms.. on the ventilator device.. Krishnam Raju passed away. Yes..! Krishnam Raju had already thought about how he would die. He said this in an interview about sixteen years ago. “Sitting in the shade of a green tree.. with the belief that we have not done injustice to anyone in life.. with hands on our hearts.. gazing at the serene sky… one should breathe his last. That is my wish,” said Krishnamraju. Now everyone is crying with those words.

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