Alia Bhatt

Who doesn’t like Aaliya? Tell me who doesn’t like it! From common people to celebrities, everyone’s fans keep supporting Alia, watching her movies, laughing at her words, and falling in love with her cute expressions. Among all the Bollywood celebrities, she is seen as very special. That’s why Bollywood Prince Ranbir also liked Alia. loved Cohabited. Finally got married. But as some people think.. now they are experiencing hard losses too..! S! Bollywood Kapoor Khandan’s successor Ranbir has a good following through out India. According to that following… his mother Neetu Kapoor saw a good Hindu girl and wanted to marry him. Because there are more beliefs like horoscopes and planets in it.. Ranbir rejected all the beauties who had already led the romance. The lady who is perfect in the horoscope… wants to marry her prince.

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