Bigg Boss 6: Put on make-up.. we can’t see

Bigg Boss

Make-up kit has been included in the list of essential items for girls. Will we ask the government in the future to give subsidy? ‘Start any job with make-up’.. this is their new tag line..! S! Because.. in the middle of this society where a girl without make-up is not recognized as a celebrity.. make-up is their special identity. That’s why, even if they don’t carry an ID card, almost all celebrities keep their make-up kit with them. And those who are mistakenly seen pushing without it.. they look at them as a test, take note and request to put on make-up. They troll.. they play with mean comments.. some netizens. Netizens are teasing Bigg Boss 6 contestants Aarohi alias Anjali, Keerthy Bhatt, Neha Chaudhary, Geeta and Faima. They are making requests after requests saying that they can’t see if they are wearing make-up. Not only making requests.. they are making troll videos comparing their photos with makeup.. with out makeup show shots.. Making funny memes. But unknowingly they are being pushed to gain popularity. Even if they are trolled..everyone is feeling happy because things are going well for them.. Those comments are being taken lightly.

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