Krishnam Raju

With the death of Krishna Raju, Tollywood was plunged into tragedy. Krishnam Raju, who had been ill for some time, passed away while undergoing treatment. Tollywood was shocked after hearing the news of the death of 83-year-old Krishna Raju. The rebel star has acted in many excellent films. Krishnam Raju has won many fans with his acting and dialogue delivery. Krishnamraju, who initially got close to the audience with negative roles, later became a star hero by acting in films like ‘Krishnaveni’, ‘Bhakta Kannappa’, ‘Trishulam’, ‘Bobbili Brahmana’ and ‘Palnati Paurusham’. Two days ago, he passed away in the early hours of September 11 while receiving treatment at the AIG Hospital in Hyderabad due to serious illness. Krishnam Raju’s family members are in tears after hearing the news of his death. All the fans are deeply saddened by the death of Krishnam Raju.

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